Guide Photos

Here are some pictures and short video's of our guides in action. The action photo's show our guides paddling down the river at medium high levels along with some pictures of the rest of our crew during a competition.


Some of our senior guides from left bottom row ;
David Brandner, Nelson Greenlee (seated) Joe Duffy, Paul Kelly; Back row left;  Ryan Turner; Uldis Jaunarajs, Doug Blake  and Schyler King. 

Crew picture:  Bottom row from left positioned in front of Raft:  Dee Miller (Driver extraordinaire), David Brandner (guide); Nelson Greenlee (guide); Tiffany Lupcho (photo’s); Joe Duffy (Mgr); Paul Kelly (guide); Aaron Blau (guide); Becky Jarman (guide/photo’s) ; Rob Breckenridge (Breck; The Guidefather); Back row standing in Raft from left: Ryan Seyedian (guide); Aaron Rice (guide); Andy Zimmerman (guide), Doug Blake (chief nut); Bill O’Brien (guide); Center starting from just left of golden groover: Ryan Turner (guide); Uldis Jaunarajs (able to leap tall buildings); Ben Van Dyk (guide); Schyler  King (nut), Ashley Delay (Driver extraordinaire).   

The picture of the crew members with the yellow A-1 Wildwater raft is as follows: Bottom row sitting from left; Doug Blake, Robert Breckenridge (Owner), Joe Duffy (Manager), Nelson Greenlee.  Top row from left: Chris Coats, Ryan Turner, Cody Law, Uldis Juanarajas. 

A different after hours celebration†