Why Us?

From our guides to the office staff, bus drivers, photographers, and owners, you’ll find a great bunch of people who want to make your whitewater adventure vacation the best available.  We take a lot of pride in offering our clientele the best whitewater experience both on and off the water.  2017 will be our 35th year of offering quality adventure trips on the Poudre and other rivers and from the beginning our goal has been to provide our guests an experience which is safe, fun, and exciting, so that your experience with us will be the highlight of your vacation.  We’re known as “the liveliest group on the river” and our customers who have been around tell us we're definitely the most fun. Some other reasons to raft with us:

  • 35 years in business on the Poudre with the same owner and 9 years on the river before the creation of A1 Wildwater; (42 years total experience raft guiding and kayaking on the Poudre River)
  • We've had the pleasure of providing over 200,000 people a quality rafting experience.
  •  Our guides have extensive experience and are certified by the state of Colorado with safety training and emergency first aid  and CPR training.  Many guides have over 7 to 12 years of experience as commercial guides.  As a company, we have had years where the guides won competitions in guiding.  
  • Highest quality rafts with 3 sizes of rafts to accommodate high, medium, and low water conditions, your enjoyment is paramount.  Another new set of rafts in 2016!
  • Free use of high quality splash jackets and helmets.  Our splash jackets have neoprene neck and wrist closures for extra warmth. 
  • Greatest variety of times and trips because we were first on the river and our permit is the best, and we have the greatest variety of put-in and take-out locations and times.   
  • State certified highly trained whitewater guides with CPR and First aid training; many with EMT credentials and advanced river rescue training.
  • Highest quality self bailing rafts and equipment which is constantly upgraded for your comfort and safety. 
  • The nicest rafting facility in Northern Colorado. Our new building was opened in 2009 and has a large retail area with snacks and drinks available, nice new spacious restrooms and changing rooms, a 4 acre campus with plenty of parking room for cars, tour buses, and RV's. Nice outdoor park with sunshine,shade trees, and picnic tables for hanging out before or after your trip or for having a group BBQ.  By far the nicest facility of any Poudre outfitter.
  • The owner, Robert Breckenridge,  is the only owner on the Poudre River that was a class V kayaker with over 40 years of extensive kayaking experience around the continental U.S., Alaska, Mexico, and Coasta Rica where he participated in first descents. The owner was one of the earliest to run the Upper and Lower Poudre Narrows in a kayak and one of the earliest to run the entire Narrows in a raft.  
  • Safety kayaker and/or safety boater included on many high water class IV trips as extra safety precaution. 
  • Our trips are competitively priced but often cover more river distance and rapids than others for the same or close to the same price and we offer all levels of trips, not just the family trip as some do.   
  • Good photography Values. We try to have a photographer on every trip and our goal is to get as many pictures of you and your rafting adventure as we possibly can. Our photo's are also extremely competitively priced and were less expensive than our competition at the last check in 2017.  
  • Pet and RV friendly.  You can leave your pet with us while you enjoy the River!  (must be friendly, trained, and on a leash). Our new 4 acre site has plenty of parking for your RV, Charter bus, or other vehicle. 
  • Most Fun!  People tell us year in and year out that we are the group that is the most fun and liveliest on the River!  With us, fun is serious business!